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We now co- own the former Flagship Tokyo Rover MG Showrooms and Workshops in Tokyo. Jointly shared by the number 1 MG RV8 Service Manager for Japan, Watanabe- san. Scroll down the page see the MGRV8's we have in stock.

This means we have on our database ALL the service history for nearly all the Japanese MG RV8 still in Japan and many that have been exported over the years. It also means we know when a Japanese MG RV8 owner wants to sell so we have time to appraise cars properly. Of course some will still end up going to auction, but we may hold the records and some history.

This means there is no better source for securing a Japanese specification MG RV8 fresh from the previous owner. There are still over 900 MG RV8 in Japan. We know as we know the owners! Rare MG RV8 parts in stock and breakers parts available from accident and insurance MG RV8 write-offs too.

Also we have knowledge of all other MG, Rover, Land Rover, Range Rover product all over Japan.
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The Dream Machine

Welcome to our website. Since December 2000 we have bought and sold nearly 400 MGRV8's from auctions, dealers and private sellers all over Japan. Most were exported to UK, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Australia. However new markets are opening up in other countries too. For a list of chassis numbers of MGRV8 we have bought over the years please contact us. We also keep the original Japanese auction sheets on file and which auction and when it was bought.

The MGRV8 is a modern day classic. There is no better way to secure a fresh MGRV8 than in Japan.

Call to find out which MGRV8's we currently have in stock.

Contact or call + 81 90 8773 0907 now (GMT + 9 hours)
Leave a message if we are not awake.

Please feel free to ask about our other stock or what is available from MGRV8 owners in Japan.

The MGR V8 started life with a sinister code-name ADDER. At the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1993, something else even more sinister happened.

A total of 1,983 units were produced in the UK. 330 were sold in UK. 1,579 in Japan, in one week. If you desire one or more of these fine MGR V8's from Japan look no further than this site

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