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Factors causing Japanese RV8 owners to send their cars to auction.

Colin Shea of Tokyo Auto Trading explains the economic and social factors which influence Japanese owners of classic cars like RV8s to send their "ageing" RV8 to auction and subsequent export to the UK or Australia. The flow of RV8s to auction in Japan is a key factor in the supply and demand balance in the RV8 markets in the UK and Australia so is inevitably of interest to RV8 enthusiasts there. (Dec 02)

The cultural and economic factors in Japan and the effect they tend to have on a Japanese owner's attitude to continuing to own and run an "ageing" car like an RV8 in Japan, are significantly different to those in Australia and the UK, the two countries which receive most of the RV8s exported from Japanese auctions. In this note Colin Shea outlines some of those factors and their effects so RV8 enthusiasts in Australia and the UK can better understand why the flow of RV8s to auction exists and the prospects for it continuing. It is clear the flow over the last few years has been substantial and has had a major effect on both the supply and price of RV8s in Australia and the UK. Most observers would agree the prices of reimported RV8s in the UK over recent years have represented extraordinary value in terms of the quality of car - both the inherent quality of the RV8 specification and the high quality of the condition of many of the cars exported from Japan. So what are these factors and what are their likely effects so far as present and prospective RV8 enthusiasts in Australia and the UK are concerned?

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